Thursday, 14 May 2009

# Quick 'Positive' update #

* Kimberley had her stitches out and all is fine! Of course there's more difficult operations to come, but it's great so far!

* Had my blood tests results back: B12 low, glucose high. The rest is fine. I wasn't surprised at the B12 level - could well explain the chronic fatigue. The high glucose is more worrying... anyway booked an appointment with the GP this afternoon just before my smear test.

* Saw my consultant psychiatrist yesterday. We can't change my medication until I know if I already have or if I'm a high-risk for diabetes, as one of the tablets affects blood sugar levels. Dr B will ring my GP, Dr J, tomorrow to get his decision/opinion before discussing it further with the psychologist. It's so nice having someone from the mental health services actually doing something proactive without me having to scream 'til I'm blue in the face!

* Liz from GMC Publications (Black & White Photography Magazine) emailed yesterday for my address. Apparently my email is their 'letter of the month' and I've won a lovely book on photographic composition! Letter of the month! In my favourite magazine! Woohoo!!!

* Had a ladies' night out at Pizza Express, Camberley last night. A bit of a last-minute thing, but it was a friends' birthday and I really wanted to be fit and well enough to go. Had a single vodka and lemonade but that coupled with my anti-anxiety pills and an empty stomach meant that I found myself yakking on, holding court and talking for England! To everyone sitting at my end of the table -sorry for be such a rambling loudmouth. I don't get out much these days...!

(The birthday girl was Becky - a friend from church who's daughter also goes to William's gymnastics class, so Becs and I get to sit and chat every Tuesday. I get to feel 'normal' - whatever that is - for 45 mins a week so I'm grateful for that!)

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