Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Happy birthday to me...

...happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to to me-eee,
happy birthday to me!


Today I turn 35. I know it's not a 'big one' like a 40th, but it feels like a halfway point for me. I should possibly mark it somehow. I'll probably do a self-portrait, just for me.

- - - - -

William was so cute this morning. He let me sleep in 'til 9am - he NEVER lets me do that! - then he helped me open some cards and sang 'Happy Birthday' to me! I had some lovely cards, presents and birthday greetings from Healey and Wills and some of my wonderful friends. I said it before and I'll say it again - I'm feeling the love today!

- - - - -

Off to work soon...hope the good feeling continues!

Friday, 19 June 2009


Now this may seem like a fairly small thing, but it's hugely important to me and you'll see why...

Every month I read my favourite magazine in the whole world, Black & White Photography. Not only is it an excellent specialist publication, but one of the finest of any type of photographic magazines. It is always superbly presented and well-written and is great for anyone from beginners to life-long, professional photographers.

Ok, advert over. Why am I so excited? Well, this morning I recieved a pre-released version of this month's magazine - with my 'letter-of-the-month' in it, accompanied by one of my very first still life shots!I knew it was happening as I'd already been told by GMC Publications' editor, Elizabeth Roberts and I was sent a copy of a lovely book for my troubles! It was still a wonderful surprise in the post, though!

I will scan and post the page here, in the meantime, here is a copy of my email as it appears:

LETTER OF THE MONTH - Creative Shot in the Arm

As a huge fan of monochrome photography I have been an avid reader of your magazine for over two years now and every month I am inspired; howeverMarch's issue was especially welcome!
Due to a recurring long-term mental health problem my creativity hit a dry spell and my inability to get out and about much meant my photography became quite restricted. After reading about Andrew Sanderson's still lifes, however, I was motivated to have a go and have included the two best results. I was very pleased with them - especially as I planned, shot and post-processed both images in one afternoon! It's a whole new genre for me and one I intend to persue!
Thank you for the monthly creative 'shots in the arm' - I have just bought my copy of May's issue and have already read it cover to cover and am planning my first close-up nature shots (Assignment) and Lee Frost/Sense of Place-inspired coastal scene - we'll see how it goes!

Emma Newson by email

- - - - - - - -

Liz has also expressed an interest in publishing the whole set when it's finished, too!

#Doing the happy dance!#

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A Very Interesting Few Days...!

What a busy weekend; I went into work yesterday just to get a rest!

On Saturday my gorgeous friend, Bekki's youngest son took his 1st communion in Aldershot. I'd never been to a Catholic Mass before, so wasn't exactly sure what to expect. Luckily that particular church are fairly relaxed - abiding by the rules but without scaring all the atheistic friends and families!

As an Anglican(ish) Christian I noticed many similarities between our communion service and theirs, with only small differences. Take the creed, for instance; according to this "we are all part of the same catholic and apostolic church" so the words are almost identical - except it's not assumed in our church that we all already know it by heart and can recite the whole thing from memory! Hats off to their Sunday schooling!

Afterwards we all went back to Bekki and Alan's for drinkies and nibbles. William and Healey didn't come to the church (I somehow couldn't see my little ball of energy sitting through mass...or William. Ha ha...) I met up with them at Bekki's and we had a lovely evening chatting with everyone. A groovy bunch - mostly close family and the OWZAT-plus-one crowd.

- - - - - - -

On Sunday we met Mum and my sister, who was visiting with her eldest - my nephew, Cory - and youngest, baby Kimberley. ('Becca had to stay home with Daddy to attend a birthday party.) We had lunch at the Monkey Puzzle and Heals and I got lots of cuddles with Kimberley. She's really beginning to smile now! A precious little dolly, just like her big sister was!

- - - - - - -

After lunch we said our goodbyes and headed back across 'the field' by the Brook for home. Cove Brook Greenway werehaving a sort of fun day but unfortunately just as we reached the marquee where the beautiful owls and falcons were - William fell asleep! Stroked a couple of long-eared owls - one was HUGE!

Later on that evening I opened a new 'branch' of my virtual shop: Emma in Wonderland Photography. Hopefully it'll give my fellow Brits a better deal image-wise as I'll be able to offer larger sized prints and canvas versions. At the moment I can't offer these to customers abroad as the postage charges would be (IMHO) ridiculous!

- - - - - -

Anyway, that's what I've been up to!

Bye for now,
Em x

Thursday, 11 June 2009

It's already been a busy month!

I found myself volunteering for face-painting at a fun day and a local fete. I'm hoping to work some face painting into our street theatre/walkabout gigs. (Healey and I do that kind of work occasionally and we're always thinking of new ways to expand the business.)

- - - - - -

Last Saturday I met up with some lovely ladies from one of my Flickr groups: The Female Self-Portrait Artists' Support Group (FSPASG).

We met at my old local, the World's End pub in Camden Town, London. I used to live in Camden road and went to the World's End quite a bit after a hard days' work in the King's Rd, Chelsea.

We had a couple of drinkies, shot some photos and went for a wander up the High Street towards the markets. It was a great day, rounded off with dinner at a Brazilian restaurant - Casa da Sogra - near the Chalk Farm end.

- - - - - -

I went back to work last week - and it's already proved ridiculously and, frankly, unnecessarily stressful! I just wish the place could get itself together. Oh well, it's only until September and there are some lovely people there.

- - - - - -

Rehearsals are well under way for OWZAT's latest performance. OWZAT (Older, Wiser and Zanier Acting Troupe) is the fabulous group of nutters I 'do drama' with every Tuesday at the West End Centre, Aldershot. It's led by Bekki - one of the world's most gorgeous people! We're a fairly small group, from all walks of life and with our assorted life baggage. There's no big egos (other than the occasional slight luvviness) or any nastiness ever of any sort. Being 'in the room' with this lot is just such a wonderful place to spend an evening!

- - - - - -

In other news: I'm still awaiting the results from the MRI on my shoulder and my smear test. I've also had to put starting my new medication off for another week. Nothing I can't deal with though!

Bye for now,
Em x

Thursday, 4 June 2009

I Love a Bargain!

Popped into New Look before work yesterday - I admit I was drawn in by the huge SALE banners! - and found some absolutely fabulous bargains!

Bought two gorgeous skirts for around £7 a piece and and three great summer tops for about £8 each! I got the lot for £33. BARGAIN!!!

(It was doubly cool 'cos I'd coincedentally paid off the final balance on my New Look storecard that morning and paid with my debit card, so no interest - woohoo!)

- - - - -

So, what's the significance of this? Well, I don't buy clothes that often as I tend to live in jeans and t-shirts and I rarely spend real money on anything I do buy, so I've been carefully building my wardrobe with skirts and nice tops. I'm really into miniskirts and opaque footless tights at the moment!

When I shop for clothes I often take my theatre/self-portrait wardrobe into concideration, so some of my stuff is a bit...well...'fancy dressy'! I don't care though - I can always start going to more festivals and theme nights!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Well, I did it!

I went back to work today and it was...ok! Pretty good, in fact!

That is all.


Back to work today...

...I won't say too much. Suffice to say that I haven't even set foot through the door and already nothing seems to have changed! (This is not a good thing.)

It's a good job I do this work for God as much as anyone - or I probably wouldn't do it at all!

(Oops..I've already said too much. SSsshh!)

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A Day of Two Halves

Yesterday morning I went for the MRI on my right shoulder. I had to have x-ray fluid injected beforehand which was the part which I'd been dreading, so I took a couple of my strongest anti-anxiety tablets and was basically stoned throughout! I was actually giggling in the car on the way! The consultant and nurses were great and it was all over very quickly and with the least anount of fuss and pain.

The MRI itself was a wierd experience. I had headphones on to block out some of the noise - whoich was still very loud - and they piped classical muzak in! I just closed my eyes and daydreamed (the medication helped...) It wasn't really claustraphobic at all, as it's open both ends and plenty of light gets in. They also blow oxygen in so it's not stuffy either so if you ever need one - don't fret!

- - - - - -

In the afternoon (after a nap) I went across the road into the woods to take some photographs. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. I then went onto the field over the brook and it was full of buttercups! A wonderful sight! I got a couple of good shots and there's one in particular that I'm very pleased with. I've added a little bit of texture in post-processing to soften the image and slightly mute the pretty yellows and greens. I can't wait to print an 8x10" version to see how it comes out!

As I walked back from the field I had to congratulate God for such a lovely day and such beautiful buttercups. I also thanked him for sharing it with us. Awesome to think He created each and every petal!