Monday, 11 May 2009

Positive stuff!

After dumping all over you before, I feel it's only fair to point out that there are (of course) good and/or positive things going on in my life, too! (It's worth pointing out that none of this has really 'cut through' the depression or fatigue, which is why I'm especially worried.)

Anyhoo; in no particular order:

1) My baby neice, Kimberley's operation to correct her cleft lip was a complete success! Later she'll have more surgery to fix her cleft palate then, when she's about 16, she'll probably be offered cosmetic surgery to reduce the scar. Cleft lip or not, she's seriously gorgeous!!!

2) My Etsy shop is slowly but surely growing. I'm in the art showcase today and I've been rotating the image featured hoping to generate more interest in my wares. I'll soon be adding a new shop, selling off the hundreds of beaded bracelets I made when I was first signed off work! I can also get shot of some of the beads and charms I've collected over the years!

3) William is in 'big boy' pants...some of the time, except when he wees all over the carpet! One step nearer to being toilet trained, though! (FYI: He has Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder and In The Night Garden pants. If anyone knows where he can find Spiderman pants he'd be very grateful, as would his mummy!)

4) Blood tests over and done!!! I am EXTREMELY needlephobic (what IS the actual, correct term for that? Must Google it later...) but the nurse, Eileen, was fantastic -as she always is. I lay on the bed, William at my feet and Healey holding my left hand, and just concentrated on my breathing and not passing out! Seemed to work! Results due Tuesday...

5) I'm having an email 'letter' and two of my images printed in the next issue of my favourite magazine: Black and White Photography!!! (No prizes for guessing what the magazine is about!) I sent a message to a lovely lady in their publications office and she sent such a nice, personal response. I'm pretty housebound lately so I've been trying my hand at still life - a whole new genre for me! I'm very pleased with the progress so far, it's not perfect, but then that's what practice is for! They're interested in publishing my B&W and sepia still lifes in the future, too!

6) Spring Harvest 2009 was at once the worst and the best Springy ever. It started badly - already exhausted and stressed out and Wills playing up and running off didn't help. I started work immediately and by lunchtime, day 3, I just wanted to sit in the middle of the path and sob my heart out and I didn't care who saw me. Instead, I went back to our chalet and prayed on my knees for gudance, strength and help. God answered that very afternoon -and He just kept on answering! Even at closing time! It was one amazing event after another, and I didn't even need to move from the Veritasse stand. It all just came to me! He sent sign after sign that He was looking after me. Of course, our Father in Heaven looks after us all - we just sometimes forget or choose to ignore Him, then we don't pray and wonder why life goes belly up and we don't have the wherewithall to cope. Lesson learned!

Anyway, I got great feedback from customers, made some lovely friends and good contacts in the (Christian) art world. I picked up some great tips for selling and exhibiting and now I know I can do it. Which leads me neatly on to...

7) I've recently sold a few 10x8" prints through my Etsy shop and exhibited in the Farnborough Festival of Arts. I will also be taking part in the ever-popular art exhibition at the West End Centre, Aldershot around Christmas time. I'm hoping to take part in the Westy's first ever arts and crafts fair in November.

I'm really moving forward with my photography! From little acorns...

8) Friends and the people at work have been so supportive and generally lovely about my various ailments. I started to name names, but at the risk of forgetting one and offending somebody I'll just say that they all know who they are and it has been sooo appreciated. It keeps me going, truly. You're all beautiful people and don't let anyone tell you different!!!

9) Summer is coming! That's got to be good, hasn't it?!

'Til next time!

Take care and God bless,

Em x

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