Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Personal Memo

Emma, pay attention! Things to do in the not-too-distant future:

  • Buy a new swimsuit, suitable for taking a toddler to the local pool. The deeply plunging neckline and high-leg cut of your other one really should be saved for summer holidays!
  • Start eating fruit. You know you won't, but you keep putting it in these sort of lists in hope...(NB: the orange in a Terry's Chocolate Orange doesn't count.)
  • Buy a new wheely suitcase for Spring Harvest, etc. One that won't split just because an airline baggage handler merely looked at it.
  • Wear skirts! You promised this last year and even made it a New Year's resolution...then used that crappy summer as an excuse to carry on living in jeans. You have four gorgeous new skirts. You even have tops to go with them. So wear them, dammit!
  • Dry clean some clothes. You have several items that need dry cleaning so get off your backside and sort it!
  • Find the time to do some more photography. You have ideas coming out the wazoo (love that expression!) so go for it!!!
  • Watch all those programmes you Sky+'d all those months ago! Just do it!!!
  • Collect your A Level photography certificate and dissertation from college. It's only been there since November, for goodness' sake! You earned it - so go get it!!!
  • Remember all the other things you were going to put on this list that made this list so important and which have now fallen clean out of your head since getting home...

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