Sunday, 22 March 2009

A great Mother's Day!

Today was a brilliant day!!!

After church I helped foil a crime! We stopped at a petrol station and when Healey (my husband) went inside I saw a bloke with a handbag looking very shifty. Turned out my instincts were right - he had nicked it. I saw him dump it and take something out (a piece of paper, possibly a banknote) then walk off. While sat in the car, totally frustrated because I had my son in the car so I couldn't go after him or retrieve the bag and I'd left my phone at a friend's the night before, so I couldn't ring the police. Anyway - he came back and I shot across the road to get a good look at him. I then fetched the bag out of the dumpster and reported it to the centre security. Turns out a girl had seen him seconds before and rung the police and an assistant at Sainsbury's reported him for trying to pass a bad cheque just after I'd seen him with 'the piece of paper'!

The police caught him and I'm at home now, after eating a delicious roast chicken dinner, lovingly cooked by my other half, awaiting some coppers so I can give them my statement.

The guy got caught. There were at least 3 reliable witnesses. I ID'd him on the CCTV and the woman got her bag back. Result!!!

In other news: I had a lovely bunch of tulips and a box of my favourite chocolates (Dairy Box) from my son this morning!

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