Thursday, 4 June 2009

I Love a Bargain!

Popped into New Look before work yesterday - I admit I was drawn in by the huge SALE banners! - and found some absolutely fabulous bargains!

Bought two gorgeous skirts for around £7 a piece and and three great summer tops for about £8 each! I got the lot for £33. BARGAIN!!!

(It was doubly cool 'cos I'd coincedentally paid off the final balance on my New Look storecard that morning and paid with my debit card, so no interest - woohoo!)

- - - - -

So, what's the significance of this? Well, I don't buy clothes that often as I tend to live in jeans and t-shirts and I rarely spend real money on anything I do buy, so I've been carefully building my wardrobe with skirts and nice tops. I'm really into miniskirts and opaque footless tights at the moment!

When I shop for clothes I often take my theatre/self-portrait wardrobe into concideration, so some of my stuff is a bit...well...'fancy dressy'! I don't care though - I can always start going to more festivals and theme nights!

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