Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Had a very 'exciting' day yesterday. When I woke up my depression had caught up with me and I was feeling very miserable and ready to burst into tears at any moment. I don't think being on my period helped either...

Anyway, I took William to toddler group as I always do on a Tuesday and just sat by myself in a corner while William played. We decorated some Easter biscuits together then I returned to my lonely spot. My friend Sarah noticed and came over to ask if I was alright. Now, if you're anything like me, as soon as someone asks you that or is even remotely nice to you the tears will start to flow - which is exactly what happened! She asked if she should 'stay and chat' or 'go away and leave me alone' and I asked her to stay. Another mum came over and joined us and as the morning wore on I seemed to cheer up considerably - although the mask was firmly in place!

During songtime however, it all came crashing down - literally! Wills and another boy ran into somewhere they shouldn't so I went after them. Squeezing back through the chairs, though, my foot got caught and I fell down flat on my face...well, flat on my hands and chest. I just lay there, flat on my front, as some mums/organisers came rushing over. The perfect end to a perfect morning. It was just all too much. Weeks of stress and anxiety welled up and finally spilled over, as did the tears. Well, I hate crying in front of people (it's one of my 'issues' which I'll fill you in about at a later date) so I just lay there, facing the wall. I could hear William crying at the edge of my hearing but I'd sort of 'zoned out.' I just wanted everyone to leave me be, but at the same time I sooo wanted someone to just hug me and let me let it all out! Then someone actually did all that and I couldn't. Typical!

Anyway; when I sat up no less than three nurses were taking care of me, including my friend Sarah! The side of my hand had a nasty bump appearing so they decided I needed checking out at the hospital. Sarah offered to take William to hers and give him lunch while one of the ladies who make the teas and coffees took me up to the hospital. She stayed with me and let me chew her ear off until my husband arrived. I just want to say at this point that I am sooo grateful to all the lovely women who took such good care of me and William yesterday - and kept my embarassment to a minimum!

Upshot: I have a fractured fifth metacarpal (the side of my hand) and my little finger is numb as a result of the swelling. I also have a painful right hand and bruising on my upper left breast, which really hurts! I've also bruised the bone on my arm, just below the elbow and I have a weird, sore little bump there now! I've also damaged my already bad right shoulder, for which I'm already awaiting an MRI for a suspected SLAP Lesion (torn cartiledge/ligament or something like that...)

Positive note: After Sarah explained to William what was happening he came over to me and said; "I'm going to have lunch at Sarah's and play with N***'s toys and you're going to go to the doctor and he's going to make you all better." How cute and grown-up! After that some other little tots came up to me and gave me toys to make me feel better. How cute is that?!! husband had to tell my boss at work that I wouldn't be in today. Seeing as Monday was so bad and everybody was doing the job of two people and there's just as few staff in today I wouldn't want to be in earshot of my supervisor!!! Seriously though, it is a ridiculous situation and something has to be done soon...but that's a moan for another day!

- - - - - - - - -

BTW; no April Fools' so disappointing!


  1. I hope you'll be all better soon.

  2. That's some crappy day you're having Emma, I hope it gets better.
    How's your trigger finger?

  3. If it weren't for the bad days,the good days wouldn't be so special.
    You are a very loved person,Emma. :-)

  4. Thank you all!

    Steve: luckily it was the left hand and I'm right-handed, so the trigger finger's fine!

    Mark: Wise and kind words as ever. You're such a sweetheart!


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